Louis Cantu

Chef and Co-Owner of Masa

Louis Cantu has been in the Austin food scene for the past 10 years. His experience in both the Kitchen and Dining Room create a well balanced environment with elevated flavors backed by superb hospitality. The vision Louis carries into the menu of Masa is to bring flavors that are both familiar and unfamiliar to entice your senses with an experience you will crave. His expertise in Hospitality, combined with an unwavering passion for great food, led him to create a menu for Masa that is an interesting take on Spanish & Asian street food.


  • Flavor Connoisseur 100%
  • Hospitality Genius 100%
  • Lioness Tamer 100%

Masa Food Truck

A magical feeding place made with love to create simple foods full of extraordinary flavors, executed to perfection.


  • Flavor 100%
  • Gluttony 100%
  • Loves you back 100%

Brittany Cantu

Co-Owner & Co-Designer of Masa

Brittany has been a proud supporter of Louis and his success in Austin’s ever changing food scene. This is not their first Husband & Wife business, however, it is their first Food Truck together. Branding and Design took a front seat with Brittany while Menu and Hospitality rode with Louis. Joining the design forces of Asian, Spanish, Industrial, and comfort Brittany utilized weather wood, heavy duty chain & hooks for their truck (coming soon) in representation of the slogan “Straight Forward Gluttony.”

  • Mompreneur 99%
  • Lioness 100%
  • Multi-tasker 100%